I'm an interaction designer working with VR.


Fly like Superman: VR experience

At the beginning of this summer, I met with the Child Life staff at St. Christopher’s Hospital to discuss ways VR could assist their patient care. They proposed a VR game could distract patients from procedures and block vision while doctors administer I.V.’s or tend to lacerations. Superhero Flight is a first person flight experience I’m creating to fulfill this purpose. This work was done as part of my 2016 STAR Program and is still a work in progress.

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How to Stream Gear VR screen to Desktop Monitor


Antimicrobial Gear VR Mod

gear plastic complete

Sanitation is a big issue for virtual reality in hospital scenarios because the fabric straps and foam padding cannot be cleaned between sessions. The Child Life staff at St. Christopher’s hospital challenged me to come up with a solution for this problem.

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Streampunk Room 3D Renders


I created a steampunk inspired room, lamp, and miscellaneous decor for my CGI II final project. This was a hybrid team/individual based project where my group and I created a collection of objects that I used to decorate my unique, individual space.

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15 hours of modeling

For my CGI II class I modeled a retractable pen with Maya. Modeling each piece to scale was tedious but the end result was extremely rewarding.

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Penn Play 2016

On a whim, I joined Univeristy of Pennsylvania undergraduates Nick Newberg and Kerem Kazan at their school’s game dev hackathon. We created a Leap Motion VR game called ドキドッキ SUPERFUN タイムー GTS98.

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