Penn Play 2016

On a whim, I joined Univeristy of Pennsylvania undergraduates Nick Newberg and Kerem Kazan at their school’s game dev hackathon. We created a Leap Motion VR game called ドキドッキ SUPERFUN タイムー GTS98.

Our game’s concept was inspired by the bullet time effect in The Matrix – tying into the the hackathon’s theme of ‘Time.’ Projectiles are shot at the player while they’re objective is to swat them away and stay alive. We wanted to incorporate a slo-mo power-up but the 24 hour time limit cut us short.

My role on the team was lead artist/level designer. Nick and Kerem focused on game logic and AI while I took my expanding 3D modeling skills and made the game’s assets. Our workflow was seamless. They worked on game mechanics while I finished the assets. We plugged them together, made some tweaks, and had the final game.



The game was a success — judges and participants found the simple game deceivingly entertaining. We were awarded ‘Technical Distinction.’


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