Streampunk Room 3D Renders


I created a steampunk inspired room, lamp, and miscellaneous decor for my CGI II final project. This was a hybrid team/individual based project where my group and I created a collection of objects that I used to decorate my unique, individual space.

My “hero” piece was an Industrial Steampunk Pressure Lamp. This object was central to my scene because it determined the moonlit lighting style I used to illuminate the room. The lamp also gave me the opportunity to model decaying metal and glass textures that made the object look weathered/realistic.


Some key things I learned with this project:

  • Maya file referencing working with a team of artists
  • Mudbox texturing workflow with Maya
  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) with V-Ray
  • Creating grudge maps with V-Ray

Special shout outs to Nat Miller, Ryan Mack, and Patrick McHugh for being great teammates and creating awesome assets.

Referenced lamp I used to create my CG model.


Early blueprint room layout.


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