StudyVR: A Kinesthetic Learning Framework (MIT Hackathon 2016)

A group of very talented DUVR members and I went to MIT’s Media Lab for 36 hours and created Study VR. We won first prize in the Human Well Being vertical.

“When you were in school, were you ever bored by a concept that you couldn’t apply to real life? Most children learn best through doing, and StudyVR is our solution to engage the next generation of kinesthetic learners.

StudyVR is a learning tool for grade school kids to connect with their science classes with the HTC Vive, using kinesthetic hands-on interaction with a room-scale virtual reality system to engage children on a deeper cognitive level.

Team:¬†Sean Bailey, Valentina Feldman, Brendan Luu, Fatma Ozen, Tyler Roach”

Special thanks to the organizers of the event for doing such a good job creating an inviting environment for hacking. We’ll definitely be back next year.¬†

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