Window Shopping: AR Retail Shopping Experiment

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In a collaboration with Drexel University’s fashion design department, I teamed up with Philadelphia based fashion designer, Nigel┬áRichards, to experiment with how augmented reality could enhance online shopping experiences. My goal was to create “a fashion show in your pocket” leveraging new AR capabilities in iOS’s ARKit framework.

My first step was creating digitized assets of Nigel’s work, so with the help of the fashion department, we found a model and 3D scanned different outfits from Nigel’s collection. For this, I used the Structure Sensor, an IR 3D scanner attachment for the iPad Pro. I optimized the meshes and rigged them for animation in Adobe’s Mixamo.

Using Unity’s timeline animation, I created a combination of runway walking and dancing animations to showcase the clothing. To maintain the suspension of disbelief to solve where the model was coming from in the AR scene, I came up with an elevator metaphor to have the model emerge from a space that was augmented beneath the user’s floor. I was able to then put all of this into AR using the ARkit plugin for Unity.

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